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Give each person a smidget at the beginning of the party. Once you have gone through introductions ask everyone to bring out their smidget.Now ask them what they would do with their smidget.You can say something like"Wow Betty you seemed really into the ten ticket game.

Keep the leads and customers you gain from your parties or craft shows organized so that you can follow up with them.

Send out sales fliers to your list depending on how long they've been on it.

Sure you can start calling all your friends, neighbours, co-workers etc to date parties, but you need to get beyond your own circle of friends as well. Don't forget to ask every person at the end of the party when they are doing up their orders if they would like to host their own party.

Sometimes people are just waiting to see if you will ask them.

When mom and dad go through all the candy to check for razors, they will find your citrus peeler and business card too.

Business Cards You can use Vista Prints and print up coupon like business cards saying something like "Call me to turn this card in for a FREE Tupperware citrus peeler!Sometimes something simple like a night away from the kids will be what makes someone decide to sign with you. Some people are motivated by the money, by creating new friendships, by free product and trips.If you are excited about what you have to offer they will be too.With such a far reaching team it is not always easy to keep everyone informed."Has anyone here played the 10 ticket game before? There is one question I am especially hoping you will ask so if we get to the last ticket and no one has asked me I will hang on to the ticket until you can guess what it is. "Ok so I am going to start my egg timer for 3 minutes.Once all the tickets are given out we'll do a draw and the winner will receive the mystery gift. Let's begin."Remember if you are playing the ten ticket game be honest. Think about what went through your head before you signed up. When the timer goes off the person holding the gift gets to open and keep it.The way this works is each time you ask me a question about my business you get to hold the gift til I finish answering.

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