Updating drivers in sandisk flash drives

The client in this USB drive recovery case had tried all of that to no avail.

Windows doesn’t really know what’s wrong with the device. The error code 43 message generally means one of two things, though.

Error code 43 pops up when the device really does have a physical problem.

Inside your USB flash drive, you’ll find four components: the flash memory chip, controller chip, circuit board, and USB plug.

In many modern flash drives, these components have all been locked together in a solid little rectangle of epoxy called a “monolithic chip”.

Try as often as possible to make sure you are only using your USB drive to transfer data from one computer to another, and not as a means of permanently storing data.

As always, the best way to avoid the pains of data loss is to have a sound backup strategy in place.

Unfortunately, your USB flash device is all too vulnerable to breakage.

While a slight bump likely won’t bend the USB plug or tear it from the rest of your USB device, it can bend or break enough of the plug’s delicate connectors to make the device malfunction when you plug it into your computer’s USB port To prevent these kinds of data loss, take care when using your USB flash drive.

Once our skilled electrical engineers repaired the damaged connection between the drive’s USB plug and circuit board, we could access the data on the drive’s flash memory chip via USB.

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