mouni roy is virgin or not - Who is charmaine sheh dating

I don't feel this from Kevin."The 'leading actress' Charmaine Sheh breaks her silence and replied for the first time: "I can tell you that I don't have boyfriend at the moment!

I am good friends with Kevin and Ron Ng, three of us are TVB managed therefore we often have chance to meet.

So when he popped the question last Christmas, the answer was a definite YES!

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She wrote: “I believe many people have been waiting for this…so here I am, proud and extremely excited to announce that YES, I AM ENGAGED!

Kevin and I have been dating for over 3 years and there was never a doubt in my mind that he was THE ONE!

As Joanne had been taking care of Charmaine, it pointed that both developed an unusual relationship.

Since joining the industry, Charmaine has rumours with many actors such as Raymond Lam (林峯), Moses Chan (陳豪), Ron Ng (吳卓羲) and Kevin and her love life remains very dry despite achieving a successful career.

In 2016, she said in an interview that she did not mind being in a May-December relationship: “We’re equal partners in the relationship.

The title is very misleading, Kevin never mentioned about breaking up nor he admits dating anyone.

A filming crew exposed that Kevin has been calling and sending SMS to Niki Chow in hope of saving their relationship.

However, Kevin's co-start Leanne Li comment "A long time ago" on Kevin-Charmaine relationship has made others suspicious.

However, when co-star Leanne was asked to comment on [Kevin-Charmaine], she slipped: "A long time ago!

" When reporters pressed her for explanation, she knew she made a mistake and said: "When someone is dating, they will be extra happy, expressed within their heart.

The article is not entirely reliable, since reporters tend to add salt and vinegar to spice up their article.

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