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You’ve got to watch out for all the queens—ice shows are loaded with them.” The rigors of life on the road appear to agree with Dorothy.

“I’m allowed one trunk and two suitcases to carry my clothes and stuffed animals,” she says cheerfully.

Here was an Olympic gold medalist who could do all the required moves, but still had time to share a laugh with everyone along the way.

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“So far, it’s an adventure.” As an amateur Dorothy propped the animals up in a chair at rinkside while she skated.

Now she keeps the animals—including a turtle, a bear and a tiger—in her dressing room.

While Dorothy bore down through the 12-to 16-hour rehearsals, Mrs.

Hamill waited on the sidelines, anxious to carry gear and run errands.

With her distinctive bobbed hairdo and dazzling smile, she leaped into America’s heart as a 19-year-old when she took the Olympic figure-skating gold medal at the 1976 Innsbruck Winter Games.

Seemingly overnight, she became America’s sweetheart, destined to be one of the country’s first female sporting superstars, dazzling everyone with her spins and jumps and infectious spirit.

“Ma, we need coffee,” Dorothy would suggest, and Carol Hamill would jump.

Mother’s around-the-clock presence also had the benefit of discouraging suitors and the idly curious.

Her boyfriend is certainly a product of that world.

He is Dean (Dino) Martin Jr., the singer’s 25-year-old son, a game but undistinguished competitor on the pro tennis circuit. Hamill is worried that Dorothy will be hurt by all the publicity.

Now that I’ve got some money, I hope to get them back on their feet.” While Dorothy is traveling with the ice show, Mrs.

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