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In our area when there was a raid, we would go to a house and sit in a room. I told him, Haji Kaka they want us to come out.""Haji Kaka was ahead of me, followed by me, and Yaro Mama Faqir was following me. They made us all sit there, and then started asking us questions."According to the brothers, the soldiers began, through an interpreter, by saying they were there because somebody in the nearby village of Nawjay had seen Hekmatullah on a wanted leaflet, and phoned the security forces to say Mohammad Gul's family was sheltering the fugitive.

I told him, let's go home and sit in the room and have tea," Sayed Hamid Khan says. They accused the men of being Taliban sympathisers, of sheltering Hekmatullah, and of having taken him by motorbike to meet with the Taliban.

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A fortnight before, a rogue Afghan Army sergeant named Hekmatullah murdered three Australian soldiers — Corporal Stjepan Milosevic, Private Robert Poate and Sapper James Martin — as they played cards at a patrol base called Wahab, then fled the base.

Australian military sources have described a fevered period in which our special forces soldiers were sent out on mission after mission, hunting the fugitive Afghan soldier.

"When we picked up the tea, there was a shout in the yard. Sayed Jan says he responded by admitting the family had been "roaming around" with the Taliban, but that was because they were entwined in a property dispute the Taliban had to adjudicate.

He said he told the soldiers that his family had been falsely accused by other villagers. He might have come, but I did not recognise him," Sayed Hamid Khan says he responded to the accusations.

In video interviews recorded by Bilal Sawary, a highly-regarded Afghan journalist retained by the ABC, two sons of Haji Mohammad Gul — Sayed Hamid Khan and Sayed Jan — described what allegedly happened that morning. So we had our hands in the air like this, walking towards them.

"When the helicopters arrived I told my uncle — 'let's go home'. When we got there, they were searching us like this and making us sit over there.

They say their uncles were unarmed and under detention when they were taken into the almond room.

However, the ABC understands that at the post-mission debrief, the Australian soldiers involved reportedly said that the two men were armed, so any shootings were justified.

To this day it torments several who were there — both relatives of the dead and some Australian soldiers — and a secretive Defence inquiry is investigating whether any members of our special forces in Afghanistan may have crossed the line.

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