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The 40 rescued people have been at sea for more than two weeks.The rescued people and the crew of the supply vessel Sarost 5 have been stationed off the port of Zarzis since Monday and have endured unbearable living conditions on board.Learn unique wedding traditions and customs from around the globe.

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The arrival of the Sarost 5 on Tunisian soil does not constitute a precedent for such disembarkation points.

The Sarost 5 sails under Tunisian flag and no North African country has agreed to disembarkation points on their territory.

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We strongly oppose any steps towards such regional disembarkation points.

The case of the Sarost 5 illustrates the erosion of SAR responsibilities in the central Med.

The People on board the Sarost 5 have declared in video testimonies that they are in need of international protection.

Furthermore, the lack of a legal framework to apply for international protection in Tunisia will deprive the people on board the Sarost 5 from their right to an effective remedy.

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